Some Lagers use cereal adjuncts like rice and corn as filler to make the beer cheaper, like your typical Domestic. The ones that don't, have deep malt flavors and more complex bitterness. ABV 4-6%


Anchor California Lager

Dundee’s Honey Brown

Flying Horse

Genesee Beer

Genesee Pale Lager

He’Brew Barrel Aged Human Blockhead

He’Brew Coney Island

He’Brew Freaktoberfest

He’Brew Slingshot Hoppy Summer

Hillas Greek Beer

Hofbrau Original Helles Lager


Laverstoke Organic Lager



Rogue Kell’s Irish Lager

Samuel Smith's Organic Pure Brewed


Sapporo Light

Sapporo Reserve

SKA Mexican Logger

Soaring Wings Low Level Lager    *Brewed in Nebraska*

Taj Mahal

Tennents Export Lager

Tommyknocker Alpine Glacier

Weihenstephaner Original Helles Lager

Yangjing Beer


Dark Lagers

Ayinger Jahrhundert Bier  

Dundee’s Oktoberfest

Grimm Brothers Fearless Youth Dunkel Lager

He’Brew Human Blockhead

Pinkus Jubilate          

Praga Dark Lager

Weihenstephaner Dunkel Lager

Zatec Dark Lager


Vienna Lagers

Tommyknocker Vienna Amber

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Drinking in moderation, and having a designated driver is the only way to enjoy the world of American Craft & Import beers.

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